Improve the overall performance, speed and quality of your Magento eCommerce website or store using our Magento upgrade services. Our services include upgrading a Magento store, updating installed extensions, and Magento database upgrade to name a few important ones.

If you still are running your site on an old version of Magento, we can help you upgrade it to the recently launched Magento 2.0 version. What’s more, we offer Magento upgrade service for both Magento Community Edition as well as Magento Enterprise Edition.

Before making the updates to the Magento site, our team investigates and fixes any issue (if present) to ensure that the upgrade process does not affect your live website.

Benefits of our Magento Upgrade Services:

  • Guarantee updating the Magento store without loss of data and zero downtime.
  • Enrich your eCommerce website or store with features of newly released Magento version.
  • Enhance the usability and performance of your eCommerce solution.